Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I can always find ways to waste time!

Last week when I was so broke, my mind starting getting pretty extreme with my money saving ideas. I had pretty much decided I was going to cut off my internet AND cable! I needed a reason to stop wasting time in front of the TV and computer anyway.

But then I got a check from my mom for $149 to pay me back for the money I spent on that speeding ticket. She was sneaky and sent it during the week she was out in Seattle so I couldn’t even call her and tell her it was too much. (My mom is technically challenged and doesn’t own a cell phone. So every time she goes out of town, I pretty much have no way to get in touch with her. Hmmm maybe she does that on purpose?) Anyway, after a few days carrying the check around, I finally gave in and deposited it. Now I don’t feel so desperate and I’m having second thoughts about living without TV.

I have tried not watching TV much over the past few days. I was hoping this would lead me to extreme boredom which would force me to exercise, but unfortunately I am an expert at wasting time.

First it was Mah Jong online. Then I discover this game called Sushi Chef. Now I am obsessed! I played the free trial version a couple times and then I decided to upgrade to the full version. Since I had extra money in my pay pal account from my ebay obsession days, I feel like I didn’t even have to pay for it!

Go check out the trial version here:

It is insane when you get to the higher levels, and it stresses me out, but I could seriously waste a couple hours playing this game!

When I get tired of playing that game, I have books to keep me company. I’ve read quite a few this month. Go check out my reviews on my Bookshelf Blog.

When all else fails I turn to my cell phone and call people and have random conversations about really nothing at all.

So TV or no TV, Internet or no Internet, I still find plenty of ways to waste my time!


AnnQ said...

Know what works when you want to cutback on Cable? Keeping a slightly less expensive Cable Package, and then downloading stuff from sites like Hulu. :-)

*Amber* said...

I refuse to click on that link! The last thing I need is something else to help me waste time. :) I'm already addicted to both Farm Town and Farmville on facebook, as well as Bejeweled and Farkle. No wonder my house is a mess!

P.S. Got to your blog via BlogHer - love it!