Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I think the next time I fill out a questionaire and it asks for my hobbies, I am going to list watching TV.

I know it is bad for you supposedly. I know there are a million more productive things I could be doing with my time, but something about sitting (or laying) on the couch, remote in hand, and a full list of DVRed shows just makes me so happy.

I'm getting excited because fall TV is about to start up. And while I have been enjoying my new favorites I just discovered like Flipping Out and The Rachael Zoe Project and the summer classic Big Brother, I just can't wait for my regular line up to be back on.

But before we get to that I want to discuss some of my current favs:

I am so mad about Big Brother. I so wanted Jeff to win. I even think Michele played a good game and I can't figure out why everyone thinks she is the devil. Now we are stuck with Natalie, Kevin, and Jordan and honestly I don't think any of them deserve it. If I had to pick I guess I would go with Kevin. I will die if Natalie wins. I seriously do not like that girl. And poor Jordan, she just doesn't deserve it at all because she is just so...well....dumb.

Do any of ya'll watch Flipping Out? I just discovered it and I am hooked. It's on Bravo and the main character Jeff is just nutso sometimes. It is supposed to be about him flipping houses, but really it is just about him flipping out- hence the name! I could never ever work for him, but I do enjoy watching him flip out on his employees.

Jon and Kate Plus 8 has just been sucking since their family fell apart. Sometimes it is almost painful to watch.

I LOVE Cake Boss! They make the most geourgeous cakes and all the characters and assignments they get are really entertaining.

The Rachel Zoe Project just makes me want to talk like a stuck up skinny B**** or a really gay guy. But I do like the fashion and wish I had the guts to pull off that stuff.

Greek just came back on and I am really hoping Casey and Cappy get together.

90210 just came back on and I only saw a smidge of the begining. I can't figure out if Adrianna just grew her hair out or if it is a whole new Adrianna.

I DVRed the new Melrose Place. Is it any good?

One Tree Hill comes back on Monday and I am so freaking excited! I *heart* that show!

The new America's Next Top Model came on tonight and I was so excited when I found out the whole season is dedicated to petite models...until I found out their definition of short is 5'7". Seriously? Isn't that average? What does that make us girls who are barely 5'?

I've almost forgotten all my regulars, but I know the next few weeks will be exciting as I welcome them back to my DVR rotation.

What are you excited to watch this fall?


AnnQ said...

I agree...I'm happy the Fall TV Shows are coming back, too! :-)

Yeah, it's funny "5'7" and under" is considered short in modeling... Guess that's because the average model is 5'9" and taller.

(interestingly, I think the average woman in the US is between 5'4" - 5'5").

:: Jenna :: said...

i have been seriously debating about whether i even want to get back into watching melrose place again beings the last time i watched that and 90210 was when i was in high school.

I don't have cable so it sucks cause anything that is on that i do want to see i have to buy the season dvds (and hope they make the series on dvd) or hope that has the episodes or shows i even want to watch available.

oh p.s. yeah i was all stoked to hear it was going to be "petite" models too only to find out they consider 5'7 to be short i was like I am 5'7 with my shoes on? but normally 5'4 does that make me available for the next top freak model? LOL can't believe they even say thats short...but maybe if you are surrounded by amazons it is.

Christa said...

It was so sad when Jeff didn't win the veto- you knew he was going home. Hopefully he'll win the $25k though! I don't want Natalie to win either and don't think Jordon will make it through so we're left with Kevin.

I can't wait to watch Grey's Anatomy and now I'm hooked on Heroes after watching the series on Netflix.

love the blog btw!

minneapoliscareergirl said...

haha, you and I have the same taste in TV, sister! I only caught the last hour of ANTM last night and was totally disappointed. Since when do they do makeovers in the first episode? Bitches. Hopefully I'll catch it next week when they replay it on Tuesday!

Brittany said...

I love OTH, too! =.) Lucas and Peyton aren't on the website - I heard they weren't gonna be on there this season. There were two new people on the promotional picture! Can't wait to see what happens! =.) Enjoy!

Akirah said...

I am really pumped for Glee. I watched the second episode last night and absolutely loved it. I'm probably going to get sucked into ANTM too. My roommate is a fan and I know she'll pressure me into watching it with her.

I love fall television. It's so refreshing.

Jennifer Brown said...

Fall TV is my favorite! I almost stopped watching 90210 last year but I am so glad I did not because the season premier was really good. I watched the premier of Melrose Place and i'm still on the fence.

The shows I am most excited about are Cougartown, Brothers & Sisters and The Good Wife with Julianna Margulies & Chris Noth.

Erin Kathleen said...

I am so excited that the fall shows are coming! I'm not a big TV watcher but I'm a DVR junky and I too enjoy laying on the couch and watching all my DVRed shows in one sitting...and minus comercials!!!

My hubby and I are huge CSI, NCIS, Bones and Burn Notice Fans. My guilty pleasure is ANTM and Project Runway! :o)

Sonja said...

I have gotten to a point where I watch very little TV and when I do, it is something I have recorded with the DVR. HOWEVER, I am a huge LOST fan. I also like True Blood, Big Love, and The Tudors. Unfortunately those 3 require paying for HBO and Showtime!