Monday, February 11, 2013

The Bachelor episode that made me want to punch someone in the face

Ok so prior to tonight's episode of The Bachelor I admit I was a little emotionally unstable.  I might have cried in the car on my way home from work.  I've told you guys for the last few months I have felt frustrated and it hasn't gotten any better.  It seems like every day either God or the devil or fate or whoever just keeps poking let's see how far we can push this girl before she breaks.

So when within the first five minutes of the episode when Tierra calls Ashlee a "cougar" and taunts "She's 32 years old.  Why isn't she settled down?" It made me want to punch her and cry at the same time.

I am 32.  I'm not settled down.  And I don't f-ing know why ok?!  It may be because I wasted too much of my time on losers in my teens and twenties.  It may be because I am too afraid to put myself out there because I've had my heart broken one too many times.  It may be because I'm a hopeless romantic and haven't found my movie love. And yeah maybe movie love doesn't exist.  It may be because I made a few mistakes.  It may be because I was focused on working and building my own life.  It may be because maybe my first love was my soul mate and he died way too early.  It may be because I'm not pretty enough...not outgoing enough...not slutty enough...too selfish...too lazy...too quiet...i.don't.know.

But I feel like that is what everyone thinks of me.  That something is wrong with me because I'm not married.  Trust me I want to get married.  I want to have a family.  But if I admit that I am too desperate and if I try to deny it then I'm just a sad spinster.  So what the hell do I do?

I often wonder the same thing "Why am I still single?"  "Is something wrong with me?"  "Am I too far past my prime that it will never happen now?"

Tierra brings up Ashlee being 32 again when blaming everything that is going bad for her on everyone else.  She again implies that something is wrong with her for not being settled down already and I just wanted to scream "I hope you never freaking get married Tierra!!!!"  Life does not always go by plan.  Just because you aren't settled down by 30 it doesn't mean that something is wrong with you or "you aren't good with men".

Oh man!  What a way to make single girls feel like crap during the week of Valentine's Day.  I hope Tierra goes in to the witness protection program or something because I know if I ever run into her I will have to give her a good hard b**** slap for single gals everywhere. (and no I have never slapped anyone, but she would totally be worth it.)

I hope she is seriously embarrassed by her behavior on the show (doubtful) and I can't wait to see what she has to say on the women tell all show ($100 bucks she's too chicken to show her face).  And I'm sure if she doesn't show up, it will be the girls fault.

Tierra you suck!


Jay Mcshorty said...

I can't say that I know what it's like to be in your position, but I can say that I have an older sister your age who also isn't married as yet. From someone on the outside looking in I'll tell you this, my sister inspires me. I don't see her as someone who hasn't settled down. I don't see her as a 32 year old who hasn't done what she was supposed to do. I see her as someone who was handed LIFE, took it, and ran with it. My sister reads your blog, she did her own 30 Before 30 List as inspired by you, and now I read both of your blogs. I don't think to myself....hey, when I'm 32 I need to be married with kids. I think hey, when I'm 32 I'll be happy if I accomplish HALF of what she has. I know we have our tough nights, we get emotional, we let the devil kick us from behind the knee, but just know that our lives take their own paths for reasons not yet understood. Trust God, ALWAYS.

Tammy said...

First and foremost, Tiera SUCKS. I'd LOVE it if she doesn't show up to the reunion. I have watched many Bachelor/Bachelorette Seasons, and rarely watch that reunion show. Doe people really not show? That would really be amazing. :)

I think it's important to not look at it like,"OMG I'm 32 and I'm not married," but to look at how many things that you have accomplished by this point in your life. There's much more to life than being married and have children.

So many people that I went to high school with have been married for over 10 years at this point in their life. That's insane to really think about. BUT, I mean regardless of how many of them were married a few years into their 20s, more of them are divorced and even more of them are unhappy with their life. Settling down doesn't mean settling. When you find the right person, you'll know. All of the being scared/not putting yourself out there, etc. won't matter. You'll meet the person that you're intended to be with in the most unexpected situations. :)

Shoshanah said...

I couldn't believe when Tierra said that either. It just came off as so immature an uninformed. While part of me would love to say I hope she's still single at 32, and while I definitely thought it at times, I can at least admit fighting fire with fire isn't always the right approach. But still, in general people don't choose to be single, and there are a lot out there that still are at 32. And in no way does that means there's something wrong with them as she said.

Heather said...

I was in complete and utter shock when those words left Tierra's mouth. What does it matter how old you are when you get married/settle down?? She's 24 (same age as me), but she is most definitely NOT mature enough to get married. Her attitude is just scary...and crazy. Plus, their isn't a time limit on when you should get married!! I wanted to slap her too!!

Your man is out there, I promise...and he'll come when you least expect it :). Praying for you!!