Monday, August 20, 2012

San Diego and Beach Month

Back in July I got to go to San Diego for a conference for work.  This was my first time ever to California and I LOVED it!  The weather was so perfect in San Diego and California was so beautiful!  I want to move there!

The resort we stayed at was amazing.  La Costa Resort and Spa was huge and so gorgeous! I was exhausted from not ever adjusting to west coast time and having super long days.  But it was so much fun!

My flight was delayed on the way there and then my connecting flight in Chicago had technical issues so I ended up getting there 5 hours later than I should have.  The guy at the front desk at check in took pity on me and upgraded me to a villa with an amazing balcony, fireplace, soaking tub, and waterfall shower.  It was sooo great!

The last day there I had a late flight so we booked spa appointments.  Their spa was voted #1 wellness spa in the nation by Spa Magazine.  The spa facility itself was amazing!  It had a private pool, a reflexology path, this waterfall thing that felt like getting a massage, a cafe, relaxation rooms, and so much more!  We laid out by the pool, tried the reflexology path and the waterfall and then had our treatments.  I got a bamboo massage (amazing!) and my co-worker got a body scrub (she said it was amazing too!).

The past 3 weekends I have spent at the beach.  It has been amazing.  We have a timeshare in Atlantic Beach, NC that I look forward to going to each year because it is so relaxing!  All we do is lay out on the beach all day and have a yummy dinner at night.  This year we also made a trip to the aquarium because they had penguins!  I LOVE penguins!  I wanted to steal one!

Last weekend I went to Myrtle Beach for an annual girls trip.  Last year was the first year I went.  It is an annual trip that 2 girls from my Bible study have been doing for years.  It has turned in to a mixture of different girls they have met from various stages in their life from college to work to neighbors to Bible study!  I had so much fun last year and even more fun this year!  Already looking forward to next!

And even though beach month is over, I get to go back to San Diego (and stop in Vegas on the way back) in just 3 weeks!  Yay! Life is so good!

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Ashlee said...

Glad that San Diego treated you right!! It's such a beautiful place to live..Growing up here has been amazing. Although, I would love to switch places with you because I've always wanted to live in NC. haha.
Maybe I will get to visit NC one day.. :)?

-Ashlee Michelle