Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lenovo Pinterest Challenge!

My Pinterest Challenge for work is finally live!  It launched a few weeks ago and runs through August 17th.  You guys should go enter!  You can win a new computer and three accessories to go with it and trust me your chances are probably better than just about any other contest you could enter to win a computer in!

Let me tell you...those people who say do what you love, I don't know how working on something you love doesn't ruin the enjoyment of it a little for you.  Working on this Pinterest Challenge definitely made me hate Pinterest a little.  I was so sick of hearing about it, worrying about it, trying to make sure everything was ready and in place, pulling the metrics on was very stressful.  I used to check Pinterest and pin everyday and now I am lucky to get on there once a week!

Some of it was fun though.  I threw a Pinterest Party for my co-workers to get them excited about the contest.  Everyone brought something to eat that they had found on Pinterest (well, most everyone.  There were some moochers.)  It was fun to try everything.  My favorite by far were these cookies:

I hope at the end of all this, the contest is a success. It's a great prize! I have been trying to win a computer at various internal contests at Lenovo for two years, but unfortunately I am one of the most unlucky people I know.

I finally gave in and bought a new computer a few weeks ago and I love it. It's different, and cute, and light enough to take anywhere. It is just perfect for me! It is last year's ultrabook and I got it on our outlet site a few weeks before our new ultabooks launched. The new ones are super stylish too!

 Here are a few pics of mine:

So go enter the Pinterest Challenge and win one for me!  If I could enter here are the items I would pick:
This thing is so cool! 27" touchscreen and folds completely flat!  Although I would take one of the ultrabooks too!
Everyone needs Microsoft Office!
I think these little speakers are so cute
This multimedia mouse/remote thing is really cool!
What would you pick?  Go check out the other options you can win HERE!

And no, you don't have to be a student or going back to school to enter or win!

And if you don't win, but want to buy a new computer, email me and I will give you my employee discount!

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