Monday, May 7, 2012

NC Marriage Amendment

In NC we are getting ready to vote on an amendment to our constitution:

The long title of Senate Bill 514 is: "An Act to Amend the Constitution to Provide That Marriage Between One Man and One Woman is the Only Domestic Legal Union That Shall Be Valid or Recognized in This State."

This issue has been all over my Facebook the last few months.  People have strong opinions about it. 

As I understand it, if this amendment passes it could have huge implications for not only gay couples, but ANY unmarried couple.  And if it doesn't pass, everything will stay the same because we already have a law banning same-sex unions.

Saturday night at church they played a video our pastor had recorded encouraging us to vote for Amendment One.  I had already cast my vote early on Friday against Amendment One, but even if I hadn't the video would not have changed my mind.

I was upset that our pastor would say that as a church we should vote for it.  He did mention that the leadership team believes there is room for disagreement on the issue, but they presented nothing of the other side.  I've been angry that other Christians make it seem like the "Christian" thing to do would be to vote for the amendment, thus implying if you vote against it maybe you aren't Christian enough? 

I'm embarrassed how some Christians are acting and what they are saying in the face of this issue. I've been thankful for Christians who are brave enough to speak out against Amendment One.  I don't think where you stand on this issue makes you any more or less of a Christian.  This is a political issue and there can be Christians on both sides.  I just pray that no matter which side you stand on, we would be able to treat each other with respect.

Along with the implications in the graphic above, I also voted against the amendment because even though the Bible does say homosexual behavior is a sin, it doesn't mean that it should be illegal.  There are lots of things that are sinful but still legal.  Should we make divorce illegal?  Should we make gossiping or dishonoring your parents illegal?  How about pre-marital sex?  Maybe we should make that unconstitutional.

Also, I don't think gay marriage would threaten Christian marriage.  There are tons of straight people who are already "married" but not reflecting what Christian marriage should be (a reflection of God's relationship with the church). 

I also don't think the laws of our country should be dictated by the majority's religion.  What if Christianity was not the majority?  I sure wouldn't want to live under Sharia Law

And ultimately, in my view, denying love, family, and legal rights to people who are not straight does not align with God's command to love my neighbor. 

I will not tear down the other side because they have their reasons for supporting the amendment, and just because I disagree doesn't mean I should disrespect that view. 

No matter what your view is, I hope if you live in NC you go vote on this important issue.  Voting day is Tuesday May 8th, 2012.  Don't miss it!


Shena said...

Suz, I couldn't agree with you more! Thanks for posting about this. I'm from Texas, but when I heard about the legislation, I was mortified by what it would do against people who are not married. Those are the real victims.

Jenthebeachbum said...
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Jenthebeachbum said...

Hey Susan,
It's been a while... but I wanted to let you know that I'm very proud of you for not following the herd and thinking about this issue on your own. You give me hope that there are some good Christians out there. :) This issue is very important to a lot of people and you pointed out some things that maybe others didn't realize. Also, a lot of times things are not what they seem. Insurance lobbyists are behind this bill because it has to do with saving them money, it was just packaged in a way to get the most votes.

I hope people will vote with their heart, but based on facts and empathy for others. I think that is what God would really want.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I have gained SO much respect for you because of it. You are a good person and I think God truly does delight in the way you love others.


Aline's LBSU blog said...
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Ally said...

Did it upset you when you pastor said that?? Every time an issue like this comes up and my church will go for it actually makes me look at them in a different light and makes me question everything I have learned there and its something I struggle with it a lot. I was just wondering if that is normal for everyone else.

Suz L said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments everyone! I was deeply saddened to see the amendment pass yesterday. I'm even more saddened to see the hateful things being said about Christians in the wake of this. Don't fall into the trap of hating on someone just because you don't agree with them. That is not love either. I'm a Christian, and even though I don't agree and don't completely understand their views on this, does not mean I am going to disrespect them or their views and make this situation even worse.

Ally- yes I was MAD when they played that video at church. It didn't make me question everything I've learned there because this is a secondary issue. This is NOT part of The Gospel. This is an issue where there is tension and Christians don't all agree on the interpretation and application of the Bible's teaching. After watching the video and seething while sitting there I had to forgive him. I forgave him not for his views but for indicating that we should all share them on this issue and not presenting the opposing view, and for even bringing this political issue in to church.

OK I will shut up now but please everyone remember to be kind and do not fall in to the trap of hate. And do not let the view of some Christians on this issue cloud your view of The Gospel. This vote does not change who God is or what Christ did for us.

SSC said...

Just wanted to say what a lovely posting I thought this was!

As a fellow North Carolinian, I too felt strongly about this amendment and was saddened by the measures taken to see that it indeed was passed.

I look forward to the day when the amendment will be repealed.

Jennifer M. said...

Amen! I am a Christian too and I believe the way you do on this subject although most Christians I've met wouldn't agree w/ this viewpoint. I just can't justify making civic laws based solely on my belief system. Like you said, what if my belief system wasn't the dominant view and laws were made based on another system that I didn't agree with?

Laws should protect the rights and freedoms of people to live the way they see fit regardless of whether their beliefs coincide with mine. After all, that's why this country was founded in the first place. I was very sad to see this ammendment go through in NC. It makes it that much harder for other states to do the right thing.

Miss Finn said...

I'm not from the Uk and don't wholly agree with everything written/said but what it has done is open my eyes to the wider issue. Coming from a christian home I was aware but I can't abide others ignorance or intolerance of opinions different to their own! well done on a well written and important topic. x

Mamma and Co. said...

Well written!

Mamma and Co. said...

I agree :)