Friday, January 20, 2012

I love my bodybugg

I know some of you had wanted me to do a review of my bodybugg.  This isn't a full review, but I will tell you I love it.  I don't even notice I am wearing it anymore and I have learned SO much from it!

I do not use their "program" online.  I have the one that syncs to my iphone and I find it easier just to keep track of my calories in with my "lose it" app and only use the bodybugg to track my calories burned.  I had already set up a spreadsheet that I track all of my workouts in.  (I am obsessed with spreadsheets.  I even made one when I tried online dating to keep track of all the different guys I was talking to.)  So I just added a tab to that spreadsheet where I put in my calories burned (from the bodybugg), my calories consumed (from the Lose it app), and then have formulas to tell me my deficit and keeps a running total and also how much weight I should have lost if 3500 calories really does equal 1 lb and all my tracking is correct.  Here is what it looks like:

As you can see I came out strong on Jan. 1 and burned over 3,000 calories!  That has still been my best day yet.  I ran 6 miles and did tons of housework that day.  Since then I have ran 6 miles again but didn't combine it with all the housework and only burned about 2600 calories.  I have yet to break the 3,000 calorie mark again.  Here is what the online tool said about that best day:

As you can see the online tool doesn't match exactly what my iphone had told me which happens a lot.  I try to stick with what the iphone says.  I think it doesn't include the estimate for the time I am not wearing it (when showering). But I'd rather underestimate than overestimate.

You can also see I had stayed up late that Sat. night and burned some calories around the 1-2 am time frame which contributed to that 3,000+ calorie day.

I've also learned that just adding little activities to your day adds up a lot.  On the days I work from home I burn way less calories than days I go in to the office.

Work from home day: (total 2343)
Office day: (total 2518)
You can see the big spikes are when I worked out, but look at the spikes I had coming in to the office at 9, lunch at noon, and leaving the office at 7 on the office day.  I can't believe how much those little bursts of activity add up!  I also worked out harder on the work from home day so my activity spikes aren't as noticeable on that graph, but still.  I only ran 3.5 miles on the office day vs. 4 miles on the work from home day and I still ended up burning almost 200 more calories on that office day!

Also on days I don't work out at all I am LUCKY to even get to 2,000 calories burned.  All this time I thought 2,000 calories was my baseline, but that is not the case if you do nothing all day!

So far I have only lost 3 lbs. but that is exactly on track with what the numbers say I should have lost.  I had a bad week this week and actually had my first day where I had a calories surplus!  But at least now I am aware of how on track or off track I am! 

Another thing it tracks is steps per day.  You know how they say you should get 10,000 steps per day?  I never get that except on the days I do my long runs.  Never.  Not even close.

All this new information has made me take the stairs more, park further away, do more housework, and spend less time sitting.  Even the difference in calories burned sitting vs. standing is noticeable.

I'll keep you updated and probably do more posts about the bodybugg, but I wanted to let you guys know what I had learned so far from it!  I love numbers and analyzing things looking for patterns so this is perfect for me!!

Oh and if you are interested in getting a bodybugg, they do have a refer a friend program where you can get a discount if I refer you (and they give me a credit so maybe I can buy some extra armbands?).  Just go HERE and you are supposed to get an extra $20 off your bodybugg!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!

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The thin seeker said...

Great post. What is the name of the app that you use on your iPhone to sync with your bodybugg?