Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Disappointing upgrades

Have you ever become convinced that you absolutely MUST have something?  Like it is all you can think about and you just have to buy it.  But then you are a little disappointed with it?

Well that happened to me this month.

One problem I had been having was on days that I brought in clothes to go to the gym at lunch I was carrying 4 bags into the office.  My laptop bag, my purse, my lunch bag, and my gym bag.  And when you have a big coat on and have to walk about a mile to the building carrying 4 bags on your shoulder isn't easy.

At first I wanted to get a messenger bag for my laptop so I could put it across my body and not have it constantly falling off my shoulder.  But I was also annoyed at how small my gym bag was.  I could barely fit everything in it and wanted something with a little more room.  So when Katie blogged about how awesome her new gym bag was I wanted it.  I thought I could maybe even fit my lunch bag and my computer in it to consolidate everything to 2 bags!  And I had always wanted something from lululemon!  And it was on sale for $30 off!  But it was still $70 which is expensive fore a gym bag if you ask me.  I kept adding it to my shopping cart online and then talking myself out of it.  But then it got to the point that I just had to have it so I bought.

I was so excited about it and tracked it during it's week long journey to my house.  I was so excited to see the lululemon package on my doorstep!  But when I opened it I was a little disappointed.  It wasn't as big as I thought it would be.  My laptop couldn't fit in it.  In fact it was only a little bigger than my current gym bag and maybe not even as cute?

(My old bag is the blue one on the left and the new one is the purple on on the right)
I can fit my lunch bag in it and I do love that it has a longer strap and a separate compartment for my sweaty clothes.  But honestly I'd rather have my $70 back.  But it was on final sale so it is un-returnable.  Lesson learned.

Then this happened to my love- my old iPhone 3Gs:
I admit I had been jealous of Siri.  And Facetime.  I really wanted those things.  But I was going to wait for the next iPhone release.  Unfortunately my screen was shattered now so it made sense to upgrade.  I got the new white iPhone 4s.  And you know what?  It isn't that much better than my old one.  Siri is kind of mean and not as useful as I thought she'd be and I still have yet to use Facetime.  Also on my new phone it doesn't tell my what % battery power I have left.  It just shows an icon.  I don't like that.  I'd rather have my $200 back.

Maybe it is because January has completely blown my budget between HOA dues, car problems, taxes due, 2012 trip planning and everything else.  Oh well, it's just money and I'll have to find a way to make it work.  But now I know, sometimes it's better to just hold on to your cash than throw it away on something you think you just HAVE to have.


kenli said...

cute bag - but i totally know what you mean. i did that with a purse and was not happy about it!

also, i just got the 4s and mine shows a percentage. it might be something you have to change in the settings kind of like the computer? i'd check it out!

Paula Grace said...

Suz, I am sorry the bag and phone have been a dissapointment :(. However, I have a quick fix for part of your problem. Go to Settings, then general, then usage, then turn the battery percentage button to "on" and bam yoou have the battery percentage!!!!

Ally said...

I am so glad you posted this. I been sitting with my 3gs for a while waiting for the 5 and was tired of waiting and had plans of going and getting the 4S end of this month but now I am not so sure anymore and sorry about the bag. How about consolidating your purse/lunch bag. Like getting one that attaches to your purse??

Jennifer M. said...

To get the percentage, go to General --> Usage --> Battery Usage. There's a ON/off switch there that you can toggle to show it.