Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall fun, TV finds, and frustration

I have so many things I want to blog about and not nearly enough time.  I'm going to try to keep it (somewhat) short and get some of the things swirling around in my head onto one blog without being completely random.  Here goes nothing...

Fall Fun

Last Friday my friend W pinged me and we both had no plans so we decided to check out this haunted farm in Cary. (The fact that we were going to Cary was scary enough.  Nothing good happens in Cary.  I tell ya, that town is just not right.)  Anyway, we should have took it as a sign when we pulled up and the parking attendant asked us if we brought an extra pair of panties (um what?) and then asked if we were in college? (no) high school?  (no)  Ok...moving for $15 we got to go tour the haunted house, take the haunted hay ride, and do the haunted corn maze.  The haunted house was ok.  The haunted hay ride was kind of fun.  But the haunted corn maze was by far the scariest. I think the key was they made us go through in the groups we came with so it was just the 2 of us.  For the longest time no one jumped out and scared us.  Then all of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw some creepy guy walking behind us silently.  We screamed and ran and continued to be scared at just about every twist and turn.  (including 2 chainsaw chases!)  It was fun!  I tried to snap some pictures, but my iPhone doesn't have a flash so none of them turned out.

This weekend I'm hoping to get to The Sate Fair (fried oreos, roasted corn and maybe even a krispie kreme burger...pig races, people watching and more!) on Saturday and do the Parade of Homes on Sunday.  These are 2 of my favorite fall events!  I'll try to get some good pics to share!

I also have to figure out if my homemade Halloween costume is going to work sometime this weekend because the annual Halloween party is early this year- next weekend!  My costume is a totally awesome idea in theory, but I don't know if the execution is going to work.  I have a back up costume in case.  It is cute, but totally un-original, so I am really hoping Plan A works out.  If I would have thought about it earlier, I would have been a honey badger for Halloween!

What are you going to be for Halloween?

TV finds

I didn't add a lot to my TV rotation this year because I barely have time to watch TV.  But here are two new shows I like:
Ok, so a lot of the story lines in this one are far fetched, but I love Rachael Bilson, I love the South, and I love small town drama.  So I heart Hart of Dixie!

I LOVE this show!!  There have been only 2 episodes so far, but I am so freaking hooked!  The characters are so complex and it it just a great concept- the CIA finds this marine that has been held hostage by terrorists for 8 years.  One of the CIA agents has a theory that he has been turned and is now an undercover terrorist.  It is so freaking good!!!  Seriously if you have Showtime watch this!

Have you seen/do you like these new shows?  What are your favorite new shows?


I have been so frustrated the last couple days.  Frustrated with being single.  Frustrated with my never ending to do list at work.  Frustrated with having no time for blogging.  Frustrated with tracking calories and the crazy amount of calories in anything I eat out. Frustrated with running and running and not getting any better or faster.  Frustrated with comparing myself to others.  I even got frustrated at church on Sunday (why must they always park me in the freaking muddy field!?!  and no mr. pastor I didn't comprehend a word of your sermon because there were three kids sitting behind me whispering and rattling their candy wrappers the entire time.)  For some reason I feel like I could just explode with all this built up frustration. 

I tried running.  I tried eating.  I tried sleeping.  I tried vegging out and getting sucked in to cheesy Lifetime movies.  I tried hanging out with friends.  I tried praying.  I tried reading.  I tried shopping at Target (managed to get out only spending $50!)  But nothing seems to be working.  How do you get yourself un-frustrated?

I'm going to try to get some blog posts in this week including- marking off #18 on my list- upgrading a room in my house and Self Control September re-cap.  Stay tuned!

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Nikki said...

I am in love with Hart of Dixie. I don't know why that surprises me though. I love Josh Schwartz and Rachel Bilson!

I could never ever go through a haunted corn maze. I would have an anxiety attack thinking I would never get out.