Thursday, July 14, 2011

#1- Get in the Best Shape of my LIFE!

My birthday is quickly approaching and I want to finish my 30 Before 30 list by then.  The #1 thing is to get in the best shape of my life, and it is probably one of the hardest.  I'm having a hard time defining- "best shape of my life".

I certainly won't be at my lowest weight ever by fact I am on the upper end of my weight spectrum now.  But I think I am in pretty good shape.  I never thought I could run a 5K and now I've done four!  I work out regularly and feel strong.  So what is the actual goal?

Well, I found this old spreadsheet where I tracked my weight loss and workouts from 2005-2007.  Back then I lost about 50 pounds and was feeling pretty good about my body.  I kept track of when I reach little fitness goals- like when I ran an 11 min. mile and when I ran a 10 min. mile and the first time I ran all the way around the lake without walking (2.25 miles).

So in order for me to feel confident about marking #1 off my list I will have to run a 9 min. mile and do 2 laps around the lake without walking (4.5 miles). 

If I do a 9 min. mile I think that will be the best I have ever done because when I played soccer in high school we ran the mile once a week and I sucked at it.  JV players had to do in in under 12 minutes and Varsity players under 10 minutes.  I HATED mile day.  I would much rather do circuits or drills or suicides or anything but the mile.  I always came in towards the back right under 10 minutes.  I doubt I ever did it in 9 minutes.  I'm telling you, I am a slow runner when it comes to distance!

Yesterday I took a baseline to see how far I have to go to get to the 9 min. mile goal.  On the treadmill a 6.7 will get you to a mile in just under 9 minutes.  I jogged at that pace for 5 minutes then I had to take a walking break (2 min., I probably could have just done 1 min. though and been fine).  Then I cranked it back up to 6.7.  But when I looked down I was already at .75 miles so I cranked it up to 7.2-7.4 and ran until I got a mile in.  I did it in 9:59.  So basically I have to cut a minute off that.

My friend and work out buddy says it is all mental.  She thinks I can do it physically but I just freak myself out and want to walk.  It's so frustrating.  But I WILL DO THIS.  I am determined. gals that can run 15 miles at a 7 min/mile pace are freaking rockstars!  Your are like my idols...I don't think I will ever get to that point!

I also had to switch up my running routine.  I used to wait until 9-10pm at night and take Cam for a run around my neighborhood but the other night we got stalked by a bobcat.  Yes, a freaking bobcat.  Or maybe it could have been a fox now that I see them in pictures:

It was dark so I can't be sure, but we've seen a fox before and it looked bigger than the fox, his ears weren't that big, and it had a cropped tail.  Whatever it was it scared the crap out of me and Cam.  It came out of the bushes a few yards in front of us and we stopped and I thought it would get scared and just dart back in the bushes or across the street.  Oh, no.  That sucker came right for us!  Cam just started running away and I tried yelling and growling at it, but that just slowed it down for a minute.  I ran across the road and up a hill to a grocery store and it followed us!  It stayed on the perimter of the parking lot and we hung out by the front door where it was well lit, staring each other down.  Then it disappeared.  When I thought it was gone we tried to make our way back to the house.  But then it popped back up behind us!  I yelled and screamed at it to go away and we ran for our lives all the way back to the house!  Now I am scared to go on anymore night time runs around the neighborhood!

This is also a problem:
That's right it was over 100 degrees out yesterday when I went to the gym at lunch!  And it doesn't get much better at night.  I went for a quick run on Monday night around 9:30 (not straying too far from the house and keeping an eye out for the bobcat) and when I got home and checked the temperature it was 89 degrees still!  So the heat is keeping me indoors mostly for now!

I also started this on Monday:

So far I am loving it!  I'll keep you updated on my progress!

How would you define "best shape of your life"?


Christen said...

I love Jillian Michaels, especially her 20 minute work out tape! It kicks my booty, but it does feel like a real work out!

Jamie said...

I just turned 30 in April and I also wanted to be in the best shape ever, but was 3 months pregnant. I lost the baby a month later, and am really trying to work hard to get back into my "best shape ever", pre-pregnancy weight. I started running 2 years ago and keep a 10-11 mile pace also. I once read an article in runner's world about "when you consider yourself a *runner*" and the author felt that 5 miles without walking was it. I wanted to be a runner... so I did... 5 miles. I think its awesome that you are setting goals like that. We aren't in our teens anymore, our bodies change, sometimes for the better.

Jennifer M. said...

Uggh... I totally hear you on this one. I've never really been in shape, but now that I'm in my sedentary 30's, it's even worse. I currently can hardly walk around the block without feeling out of breath.

Back in high school though, I also hated running the mile. I can't remember my time, but it was always pretty slow. I absolutely don't understand those people who just run an "easy" 3 or 5 miles as a warmup. Lol. That sounds like torture to me!

Still... I think it's doable. I've thought about training for a 5K (which is about 3 miles, I believe). I think your friend might be right - it's more mental than physical. Although right now my physical is pretty poor as well! Good luck with all this!

To answer your question... I would define "best shape of my life" as being able to get up and run and play without feeling winded or worn out quickly. Some people make it look so effortless to be physically active, but it's always been hard for me. If I could get to the place where it actually felt good to be physically active instead of feeling like I want to hurl, I would consider that to be the best shape of my life.