Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Being a Zeta for life.

Posting that picture of the old sorority house really did make me miss those days.  Living there was crazy at times and at times the time of our lives.  So many memories.  It got me to thinking how much Zeta shaped me.

So I took a look back at our creed to see how being a Zeta shaped me:

To realize that within our grasp, in Zeta Tau Alpha, lies the opportunity to learn those things which will ever enrich and ennoble our lives; and it's true! I learned so much about relationships and forming lifelong bonds with friends. I learned some hard lessons too. I definitely think I learned many things that enriched and ennobled my life.

to be true to ourselves, to those within and without our circle; This one is easier said than done.  Girls can be catty, hold grudges, and be moody.  It's hard to stay true to you when you get wrapped up in drama but this is such an important lesson to learn in life!

to think in terms of all mankind and our service in the world; True dat!  I started volunteering in the sorority and carried that through year after year since then.  Hello Mission Trip #1!

to be steadfast, strong, and clean of heart and mind, remembering that since the thought is father to the deed, only that which we would have manifested in our experience should be entertained in thought; This is a great little tidbit of wisdom.  I try to monitor my thoughts now before they take me down a very bad path.

to find satisfaction in being, rather than seeming, thus strengthening in us the higher qualities of the spirit; to be real. to be authentic.  so me.  I love it!

to prepare for service and learn the nobility of serving, thereby earning the right to be served; again I started volunteering in college and found a way to do so every year since!

to seek understanding that we might gain true wisdom; which is why I am always asking why and trying to find answers to hard questions.

to look for the good in everyone; I've really been practicing this one lately.  Some people you encounter rub you the completely wrong way and it is hard to see past that, but once you do, you might discover something you really like!

to see beauty, with its enriching influence; pretty things, breathtaking things, artful things will always make me happy!

to be humble in success, and without bitterness in defeat; yeah as long as you don't beat me too many times at Phase 10!

to have the welfare and harmony of the Fraternity at heart, striving ever to make our lives a symphony of high ideals, devotion to the Right, the Good, and the True, without a discordant note; yeah I seem to remember a discordant note or two, but it is hard to be a unified group of girls all the time on every issue.

remembering always that the foundation precept of Zeta Tau Alpha was Love, “the greatest of all things.”

Best last line EVER!  And I do truly love all my Zeta sisters!

Where you in a sorority?  What did you learn?  Do you still hold true to the original purposes or creeds of your sorority?


Melissa Leeanne said...

I find all the time that things I learned in my sorority help me out in things I do today. I find this especially true when I am in leadership positions, when I need to organize and plan. I have helped to make various organizations I'm involved with viable in part because of things I learned from being a Delta Gamma. I don't always tell people why I say or do the things I do, where the inspiration or experience comes from, but I'm glad that there are women across the country who are finding that joining a sorority was valuable not just for the parties.

Jessica said...

I am a Delta Zeta and it truly changed my life and shaped my career path and I have met so many amazing people because of it. Thanks for this post I think a lot of people get the wrong idea about Greek life and all the stereotypes that go with it

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I was a KD and I had a great time for awhile, but eventually couldn't handle living in the house anymore. My house was really cliquey and I didn't feel like a lot of the girls were genuine. I still keep in touch with many of them but I formed my closest friendships living in the dorms.

Shoshanah said...

The college I went to didn't have sororities, but I was actually in a sorority in high school. It was pretty much completely different than a college sorority, and I'm not friends with any of my "sisters." But I guess I can technically say I was in one.