Saturday, March 5, 2011

Beauty Secrets Revealed

One of my aspirations for the new year was to wear make-up more.  I used to only wear make-up for special occasions but now I am starting to feel like I need a little something every day.  Here is what is usually in my beauty arsenal (and yes I include the deodorant because I love Degree never rubs off on my clothes like other ones used to):

Here are the other basics:

Foundation is either Clinique City Base or Benefit's Some Kind-A Gorgeous. Both are a cream to powder finish and very light.  I used to use BareMinerals and still use the Mineral Veil occasionally, but all those powders were just too messy.  The cream to powder ones I've tried are ok, but I don't LOVE them.  I'm still on the hunt for the PERFECT foundation.

Next I dust Benefit's Hoola bronzing powder just under my cheekbones and along either side of my nose and a touch on my forehead and chin.

Then I rub a little bit of Benefit's That Gal on my cheeks.  (Apparently you are supposed to use it under your foundation, but I like to apply it after).  It brightens your cheeks and kind of gives you a natural glow.  I LOVE this stuff!

Then I use NARS blush in Orgasm which is a peachy pink color.  It's the best blush/color I've tried.
Then I line my eyes in Cover Girl's Liquiline Blast Eyeliner in Black Fire

The next two products I use have been discontinued so I am open to your suggestions for what to replace them with when they run out.  For my eye shadow I use this gray color cream shadow from Clinique that comes in a small tube and I just apply it with my finger.  Then I use a touch of this shimmery white powder called Show Offs from Benefit in the corner of each eye.  I've had this stuff for years and I am going to be so sad when it runs out completely.  I know you are supposed to throw away make-up after a certain time, but I just can't toss this stuff because I have found nothing else like it.  It only takes a tiny dab in each corner to really brighten and open your eyes!  I also use a little under each eyebrow sometimes as a highlighter.

Then I curl my eyelashes and use either Benefit's Bad Gal Lash or Cover Girl's LashBlast mascara.  (Although next time I think I am going to try Dior's DiorShow mascara because I have heard great things about it.

I have other products that I rotate in sometimes- different eye shadows, some concealer if I feel I need it, and different lip glosses if I feel like wearing more than just my Carmex  lip balm that day.  But those products are my everyday basics.

As you can tell I love Benefit cosmetics.  Most of the time I buy the limited edition value sets they have at Sephora.  They are a great deal and you get to discover new products you wouldn't have thought about trying and end up loving.  This is the last one I got:
Benefit Beauty in a Box

For moisturizer I love Sephora's Body Butters but they have either repackaged them or discontinued the kind I like because I can't seem to find them anymore.

For my face I use Neutrogena's Deep Clean Cream Cleanser.  If I could bring myself to spend more I would use Bliss Fabulous Foaming Facewash.  And I either use Clinique or Oil of Olay moisturizer.

For my nails I use Nail Tek Intense Therapy, OPI polish, and Out the Door topcoat.

For my hair I switch shampoo and conditioner brand every time I replace them.  For some reason I think this prevents build up and keeps my hair healthy?  But I do seem to keep going back to Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Milk shampoo and conditioner.

I LOVE my Chi straightener (it's lasted for YEARS and works wonders)  and for a finishing touch I use a dab of Got2Be Smooth operator.

Guys will never understand how much time and money we spend on beautifying and my routine is even pretty basic compared to others I think.  I don't keep my nails painted everyday and my daily routine from shower to finish is only about 30 minutes (and most of that is spent drying my hair!)

So what are your beauty secrets and favorite products?


TAGRAVIT Vitamins said...

I also tried a lots of foundation but still looking for the best one. Hoola bronzing powder gives you a healthy glow and available in market at a very reasonable price. I love the pink color of NARS blush. Thanks for sharing interesting information about all cosmetics products.

Shoshanah said...

I'm a little bit like you, but in the fact I still don't wear a lot of make-up. I do think I should start wearing it to work to make me look more "grown up," but I just don't make the time to do it in the morning.

Mamma and Co. said...

I enjoyed the sneak peak into your beauty bag

Stephanie said...

Nice list! I'm really intrigued with the "that girl". I might just need to track some of that down! Thanks for the tips. =]

Christy said...

I LOVE your makeup bag!

Jen said...

Thanks for mentioning all of these products that I had never heard of before. Do you go to I use that for reviews and stuff when looking for new products. I'll tell you that I'm absolutely in love with all things Chanel right now, and I still only use Clinique mascara and eye makeup because I'm sensitive. I'm going to try that shampoo the next time I buy some. I've been using Redken All Soft for a couple of months now and I just like to have a new scent. :) I still don't wear make up every day either, but I agree I feel like now more than before I need just a little something in the morning.

carina said...

I like the simple way you put your make-up.Thanks for the helpful beauty tips you've shared with us.