Monday, May 25, 2009

The Long Lonely Search

It has been almost four weeks since I lost my job. In those four weeks I have applied to over 30 jobs. I have searched almost every day for any marketing positions in my area. I have applied to every one I have found.

I had an interview the week before I got laid off, but I lost out on that job to someone with more experience. I got great feedback from the interview and they want to keep me on file for future openings. The HR person said it was just a very competitive job market right now.

The only other call back I got was for a part-time marketing coordinator for a local Realtor. I applied to a few real estate positions because back in 2005 I got my NC Real Estate salesperson license. Last year I took the broker update course to update my license to broker status. I never did anything with it because being an employee is very secure with benefits and a steady paycheck and everything. Plus it costs a lot to start a real estate career with all those association fees and the continuing education classes that are required to take my license off inactive status. I thought this marketing coordinator position would be the perfect way to dip my toes in the water, but I just don't think I can live off $300 a week. I get more than that from my unemployment benefits. Plus I would have to spend $500-$1000 just to get my license on active status for the position.

Speaking of unemployment benefits...I find all that very confusing. I was able to apply for it over the phone. I tried to do it online, but their website just kept taking me in circles. But over the phone is still better than having to go stand in the unemployment line. The only feedback I got from that application was one letter in the mail telling me how much I would get per week and another giving me the option to have taxes deducted automatically and have it direct deposited to my checking account. I am going to opt for the direct deposit, but not the tax deduction. I'll take my chances paying those when they are due when I hopefully have a job.

The confusing part is I am not completely sure how this all works. It seems I have to submit a weekly certification for unemployment. I really feel like I have no clue what I am doing right now so I will be happy once I see that first check from them.

On another note, I feel somewhat guilty collecting money from the government. I pride myself on trying to be self-sufficient and I was so close to being able to pay all my bills with no help from mom. But now I am back to using her credit card to pay for gas and it is highly unlikely I will be able to take over my car insurance payments in June as planned. Now I am also accepting help from the government and that is just sad. I am trying to look at it like I am just getting back some of that money I paid in taxes all those years.

It really sucks not hearing anything week after week. But I will keep applying and I am going to look into the real estate options as well. Hopefully the right door will open for me soon!


heidi said...

Hey Suz, I know this is tough, but hang in there! You will find something!

marathoner81 said...

Hang in there and don't feel guilty for taking money from the government. When you were working you paid into that and now that you're looking for a job you deserve that money to help until you find a job.

Shoshanah said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you that something works out!

Maybe you've already done this, but have you applied at a temp agency? I actually started out working for my company as a temp and within two months wound up with a full time job. Even if a temp job doesn't lead to a full time one it still helps.

Anonymous said...

definitely hang in there! the worst part about touring is that i only get paid when i am on tour, so i basically live month to month. it's really hard not knowing when i'll tour again but for the most part i can expect when i will and when i won't be touring so i can save.

i also have a label job when i'm off the road but it hasn't paid me since feb so i am in trouble!! UGH. hate it.

sometimes i wish i had more of a secure job but then i remember that ppl's jobs are no longer secure in this market..keep your head up and i definitely recommend going through a temp agency, sometimes they place you with a temp job that will hire you!

Anonymous said...

Sue, 1st it is definitely ok to get unemployment, not only have you paid into that system, but your former employer has paid unemployment insurance (don't they have that down here). Don't feel guilty at all, none of this is your fault in the least bit. 2nd have you considered looking for a job out of your specialty? I mean I know you have the Marketing degree and everything, but I'll be honest, I was in retail for what 8 years and never thought I'd get out, but I signed up with the temp agency and I actually like this job (which is nothing like retail) and the company and while this is not where I thought my career path would go, I see myself even going in a different direction (within this company) because of all of the opportunity here.

I know you will find a job soon, and like I've said before I'm keeping my eyes peeled for you, but maybe a non-marketing job might help you get to someplace you never knew you wanted to go???