Thursday, May 14, 2009


The lovely Marathoner81 at Life is a Marathon gave me an award!

The rules state that I must list seven things that make me awesome and then pass this award on to seven other AWESOME bloggers.

1. I have a pretty good internal compass I guess you would say. I can go somewhere once and know my way back or I can usually figure out where I am going even without a map. It isn't foolproof, but I usually don't get lost easily.

2. I am really good at board and card games. I am really competitive when it comes to that too, so watch out!

3. I like to have adventures! Even little ordinary everyday adventures.

4. I have a pretty well stocked bookshelf and can always recommend a good book for you!

5. I'm a strong independent woman!

6. I'm very compassionate and considerate so I make a good friend.

7. This blog and my list...'nough said!

I think all my bloggy friends are AWESOME so I am passing this on to all of my readers! Post this with seven things that make YOU awesome!


Shoshanah said...

I love playing board games too! And if I lose I will want to play again, so I can win the second time

marathoner81 said...

Having a good internal compass is AWESOME. I wish had one, even a sometimes faulty one wouldn be better than not having one at all. I'm always lost!

As for board games/cards...I'm the same way too. I LOVE games and I take them very seriously!