Wednesday, March 27, 2013

30 Things Older than I am

I saw this article last week and decided to torture myself by reading about the 30 Things that are older than I am, or more nicely put 30 Things Turning 30 this Year.

I was shocked to learn that I am older than some of these things...

Care Bears were one of my favorite toys when I was little.  I can't believe they weren't even around when I was born.

I knew 80s fashion was bad but I never realized there was no J Crew before I was born.

I had to go through the DARE program in elementary school and remember getting the t-shirt.  Do kids today have to do DARE?

I have been around longer than Chicken McNuggets.  That is crazy.  I remember having one of my birthday parties at McDonald's when I was little.  Hard to believe that McNuggets had just been introduced around that time!

I LOVED My Little Pony!  I had a million of them and would brush their tails and hair and I still remember the My Little Pony movies.  I can't believe kids in the 70s didn't have My Little Ponys.

This is a new low...I am older than the minivan.  Geez!

I can't imagine not having a word processing program.  But then again I guess a lot of people didn't even have computers back then.  Hard to believe there was no Microsoft Word.  Let alone no internet!

Seriously?  I'm older than Reading Rainbow?  

And lastly don't you think this game still looks like it is out of the 70s?

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Karla Mae Cruzado said...

age is just a number (but can't deny that this number has physical manifestations for most people) at least we got to experience these things (especially the internet, ms word etc) and more (like the cellphone, computer, ios,android etc) imagine if we had to miss them altogether?? nooooo!