Tuesday, July 14, 2009


- A few weeks ago some of my friends pointed out a new trend in Raleigh. High school/College age girls in full make-up and hair running errands/shopping/whatever in Nike running shorts. I had not seen the phenomenon until this weekend when I was eating lunch at a little cafe and three girls came in and they were ALL wearing Nike running shorts. Is this the new trend? Has anyone else noticed this? What is so great about Nike running shorts? It figures I didn't know about this. I'm not a big trend follower. I just gave in and bought my first pair of Rainbows last summer.

- Girls: Beware if your new boyfriend has a crazy ex-girlfriend. Not because you should be afraid of her, but because you should be afraid of HIM. I am convinced that a large percentage of girls have been driven crazy by cheating, lying, no good boyfriends. I was in this type of relationship all through college and it really does make you crazy. First, your women's intuition kicks in and you start to become suspicious. Then, you start checking up on him and making sure all those somewhat shady things he says/does check out. Next, you start to catch him in little lies here and there. Then, you start to confront him more and more, but he always has a reason or excuse and somehow turns it around on you saying you are crazy. This then gives you your ticket straight to crazy town. It will become your mission to catch him red-handed. You will want to make him see you were right all along. It will drive you insane. Maybe you will catch him or maybe you won't. Either way it is best to just get out before it gets to that level. Those type of guys will never change and will leave a trail of crazy girls in their wake.

- I am glad all the Micheal Jackson stuff has died down somewhat. I was about to boycott the TODAY show because Matt and Meredith just could not shut up about it and I was getting sick of it.

- Little kids should not be allowed to carry pencils in hallways. I volunteered with my church to clean up a school in downtown Durham this weekend and the hallway we cleaned had no less than 10 wavy pencil lines all the way down the length of the hallway and that crap was hard to get off! I can't imagine what elementary school teachers put up with on a daily basis!

- If you know anyone who wants to buy or sell a house in the Raleigh/Durham area let me know because I can get you the hook up. My new boss is awesome! She's the #2 ReMax agent in the Carolinas! The new job is working out quite well!


AnnQ said...

YES! You're so, so right. It's a potential Red Flag, in my opinion.

Whenever men discount their Ex's as "psycho", I immediately ask what they feel they may have done to help facilitate that nutty behavior.

What's amazing is very few of them have the awareness of how their actions contribute to someone else's reactions.....sad.

- AnnQ

Angela said...

I'm happy you're enjoying your new job!! That's always nice.

And for pencil on walls? Did you try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?? Those things are AWESOME!

Katie said...

I agree with you on the whole crazy ex-girlfriend thing. Any guy who talks smack about a previous ex most-likely has issues himself.

Jane said...

I left you an award on my latest blog post! :-)

Themis0307 said...

Hi, Suz. I just ran across your blog and I can really relate to you. I am also 28 and just trying to figure out this crazy life! I just wanted to say hello and thanks for sharing your thoughts and insights!

Jane said...

I'm glad to hear the new job is working out well. :-)

Optimistic Pessimist said...

on the crazy girl thing: you are SO right. I've been in a few relationships where crazy ex's were involved and as it turns out they were driven that way by the guys.

I'm pretty sure due to my last ex that I am now considered a crazy ex and I'm 100% positive he drove me there.