Friday, July 12, 2013

Best Season of Big Brother ever???

Warning- if you don't watch Big Brother this post won't make sense to you. And if you aren't caught up on the episodes there will be major spoilers....

The only thing that made me nervous about giving up TV this summer was missing out on Big Brother.  It is usually the only saving grace with summer TV.  I have watched every season and am a huge fan!

Luckily I can still watch it through the CBS iPad app.  I can't watch until the next day, but that is ok.  It usually gives me some motivation to go to the gym at lunch the day after it airs and watch it while I am on the elliptical.

When I saw the first episode this season I was a little disappointed.  I didn't really love anyone.  After episode two I started to like Amanda and thought she was smart, but still kind of blah about this season.

My, my, my how quickly things can change!  I just watched last night's episode and it may have been the best episode in Big Brother history!  I am almost tempted to subscribe to the live feeds now.  I usually don't read message boards and didn't even vote for America's Choice or MVP (until today), but this season there is a lot of controversy about some contestant's racist remarks.  Two people have even lost their jobs over it (and they don't even know it yet!) So I started reading some message boards and watched some videos people have posted from the live feeds.

I am in shock about how mean and oblivious Aaryn is.  She has done so much damage to her character in just 2 weeks.  I kind of hope they keep her around just to see what happens.  But imagine the shock she is going to be in when she gets out of the house.  And if she has done this much damage to herself in such a short time can you imagine what would happen in 3 months!?!

Now we can't forget that even though this is "reality" the producers are influencing this somewhat.  (I guess I am more aware of this because I am reading Lauren Conrad's LA Candy series right now).  They still ask them certain questions in the Diary Room and even who Julie picks to ask questions to and the questions she asks during the live episode can sway the activity in the house.  Like her question to Aaryn last night if she ever forgot the cameras were there.  I almost died when Aaryn said no and that now America knows a lot more about her and Julie replied "Yes we do".  Seriously died!

Other things that shocked me and/or I loved so far this year:
- Amanda making out with pizza delivery guy
- How the girls are throwing themselves at the guys and how many showmances formed so quickly
- how the moving company formed so quickly (and how they turned on each other)
- Rachel's sister and actually not hating her
- I love the MVP twist
- The segment on Howard and his faith!
- How smart some of the girls are (YAY!)
- Gina Marie losing it when Nick leaves (seriously?!)

If you are not watching this show you need to start and catch up by watching the previous episodes online because this is seriously entertaining!

If you do watch, what are your thoughts of the season so far???

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