Tuesday, October 30, 2012

List progress and second thoughts

Since I marked off #27- Read the Bible all through, I now only have 3 things left on my list!

1. Get in the best shape of my life
10. Catch a fish
26. Kiss in the rain

I am so close I can taste it!  Obviously I did not meet my goal of doing all these before I was 30 (because I am 32 now) but that is ok.  30 is not the end of the world I thought it would be.  Neither was 31 or 32.  At least I am still making progress and not giving up on the things want to do just because some self-imposed deadline has passed.

When I was reviewing the list there was one that I wondered if I should re-consider.  I marked off #6- Ask out a crush two years ago.  I marked it off without doing it.  Why?  Well here is an except from the post I wrote about it:

"...  It’s not because I did not have the guts to do it.  It’s because I am old fashioned and I refuse to let the guy get off easy.  I mean I want a man, not a boy.  I want this man to be the man in the relationship with me and to set the tone from the beginning by asking ME out on a proper date.  A man should know what he wants and the proper way to ask a girl he likes out for a date.  I refuse to date boys who do not know who they are or what they want anymore because in my experience that only ends up hurting me in the end.  They either cheat on you or leave you to see if there is something better out there or they treat you like crap because they don’t know how to treat a woman.  It’s time to grow up.  I’m sure your mothers taught you how to treat a lady, so start doing it.

I’m all for equal rights and think women can do just about anything a man can do (sometimes better).  But I’m ok with being the girl.  I WANT to be the girl.  And I want the man I am with to treat me like a girl- a smart, wonderful, beautiful, funny girl that he thinks is just amazing- not a doormat or a housekeeper, but a partner that he wants to help, protect, and enjoy life with.  

And I want him to be the man.  I want him to be decisive and be the leader in our relationship.  I want to look at him with pride and support him in anything he wants to do.  I want him to respect my opinion and come to me when the world has beaten him down for the comfort he needs.  I’m a lady and I expect my husband to be a gentleman and treat me like a lady.  And that includes him asking ME out. 

I think I was so opposed to this and fought this natural urge for so long because society kept telling me if I was a “strong independent modern woman” I should be asking guys out left and right.  But I think that I am still a strong, independent modern woman who wants a man to be a man and to ask me out if he is into me.  What is so wrong with that?

I’m not saying this is what is right for everyone.  I know lots of married couples where the girl was the first one to make the move.  All I am saying is this is what’s right for me.  And I am finally just accepting that and saying I don’t care what society tells me, this is what I want.

And that is why I am marking it off the list even though I haven’t completed it.  And I am perfectly ok with that.  It doesn’t mean that I failed.  I just figured out that wasn't what I really wanted so why do it just because of the list?  It’s ok to figure out you were wrong about something, right?"

I still feel this way, but I realize I am kind of wishy-washy sometimes.  I mean just a few weeks ago I was blogging about how I wanted a boy who still likes to be silly and have fun.  I mean am I asking too much?  expecting too much?  I know lots of people who ended up together because the girl made the first move.  Is there a reason I put this on the list?

Do I need to reconsider?  Or was I right the first time?  Should I stick to my guns and hold out for a guy that has guts??


Monday, October 29, 2012

#27- Read the Bible all the way through

Hallelujah!  I can FINALLY mark something else off my list today!  I finally finished reading the Bible all the way through!

Back in 2008 I decided to try an email service that was supposed to email me passages everyday and within a year I would have read the whole bible all the way through!  Well, that didn't work out.  So I bought a New Living Translation Bible (Someone recommended this translation to me because the language is much more simple and reads more like a story.  I LOVE it!) and I bought a reading guide/journal to help me:

I started out strong but quickly lost track and finally gave up for a while. I was struggling and way behind.  The Old Testament is just not that easy to read sometimes.  By May 2011 I had only made it through 12 of the 66 books in the Bible.  By this point I had completely given up on the Devotional Journal.  I was now mainly reading through the Bible app on my phone when I got a chance.  I had a spreadsheet to keep track of my progress.  During the past few years I also did deep studies on some of the books of the bible and would mark those off my list as we completed the studies.  The ones I did on major books of the Bible were:

These studies help tremendously to really go deeper and completely understand what the text is saying and what it all means.  The Galatians and Romans studies were by Tim Keller who gets kind of deep and I personally have a tendency to get frustrated with them.  But that frustration I've found is good for me.  I grew more spiritually during these two studies than any of the other ones we've done I think.  The Esther and Daniel studies were Beth Moore.  Oh I love Beth and her big hair and seeing her outfits on the videos each week.  (Yes there are videos with these and they help a lot!)  I really enjoy Beth's studies!  These deep dive studies take a long time.  Anywhere from 6-12 months!  But I love them and can't wait to do more!

Other than those books and after I gave up on the chronological study guide (probably around Deuteronomy) I just read straight through the Old Testament.  I did take breaks and do smaller books like Proverbs and Ephesians during times we were studying those at church.  When I finally finished the Old Testament, I knocked out a few smaller books of the New Testament just so I could feel like I was making some real progress.  Then I went back and started with Matthew.  I jumped around a bit in the New testament I think because the last two books I ended with were Acts and finally Revelation.

It feels good that I can finally say I have read the Bible all the way through!  But I am by no means done!  I will spend time everyday in God's word.  I want to do more deep dive studies on specific books for sure!

I think it is good for everyone to read the Bible all the way through from start to finish because it really does tell a story!  Tons of little stories and some are really shocking and interesting! But also one bigger story of God creating us, giving us chance after chance to have a good relationship with Him, us rebelling over and over, God trying to correct us, us screwing up, God loving us, the promise and foreshadowing of Jesus, and then finally Jesus comes and fulfills the promise!  And now we no longer have to try to save ourselves   He sent us a king and savior to take the punishment for sin and all we have to do is accept that gift and make him Lord!  It is so amazing to see everything come together and how God used all these things to weave together such a beautiful story!

My favorite book of the Bible?  Ecclesiastes

My favorite character in the Bible (other than Jesus)?  David

My favorite story in the Bible (other than the crucifixion)? Abraham almost sacrificing Issac

 My favorite verse in the Bible? (at the moment) 

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." Isaiah 41:10 

(but there are so may more good ones!  It could change weekly!)

Have you ever read the Bible all the way through?  What was your approach?

Monday, October 22, 2012

Prayer Request

I believe in the power of prayer.  I believe because I have seen it work many times.  Two years ago I asked you guys to pray for Bailey's safe return home and it worked!  (Read a more on that story here)  I never thought I could raise over $3,000 for a mission trip when I was at my lowest financial point ever, but I did. When I got laid off a few years ago, I never thought I would recover financially or find a job I love, but I did.  All of those were only accomplished through the grace of God and prayer!

This isn't nearly as urgent but it's something that needs to happen but I need a little help.  There is someone I need to have a difficult conversation with.  Please pray that God will create an opportunity for this conversation to happen and that I will have courage and the words to say.

I know that is very vague, but I promise I will give you more details eventually.

Thanks for your support and for being such loyal readers/friends!  I know I have been slacking in the posts lately.  It's hard to write when your mind is consumed.  But I promise to get back on the regular blogging bandwagon soon!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Wednesday- Address Flower Pot

Source: google.ca via ncsuz on Pinterest

Two weekends ago I went a little crazy buying pumpkins and mums.  I bought 3 small mums, 2 medium size mums, and one great big mum.  I also bought a big orange pumpkin, a small white pumpkin, and a cute little gourd.  There is a cute pumpkin patch thing they set up in a field up the road from where I live.  They have so many mums, pumpkins, gourds, and other fall stuff.  It was such a pretty day and I think I got a little carried away.

Anyway, my friend told me about this thing she saw on Pinterest where you paint your house number on a flower pot.  She had found them on Etsy and ordered one and it was sooo cute.  So I decided to try to make one for my big mum.  I painted a big terra cotta planter and found this paint specifically for terra cotta planters at Michael's.  I bought a cream color for the pot and black for the numbers.  I printed out my house number using a font I liked in Microsoft Word.  Then the hardest part...I used an exacto knife to cut out the numbers.  I think the unfortunate thing for me was I had two 8s and a 0.  So I had to cut out the circles in the middle and save those too.  I taped the stencil to the pot and filled it in with the black paint.  I had to go back and touch up around the numbers after I took the stencil off and it still wasn't perfect but looks pretty cute!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Wednesday- Frozen Banana Treat

I'm going to try to bring back my Pinterest Inspired Wednesday posts.  Seeing as how I have over 2,000 pins on Pinterest, I need something to motivate me to DO a lot of the stuff I am pinning and doing a weekly post was a good motivator for that.  So each Wednesday look for a new post about something I have tried, bought, made, cooked, or was otherwise Pinterest "inspired"!

This week I tried an easy one- these little frozen banana treats.  The original used almonds, but since I didn't have any almonds I used granola.  I didn't have a Popsicle stick to stick in them either, but they were just as tasty using a fork.

I also found this link to a neat little simulator where you can input your current weight and then your goal weight to see the difference in how you would look.  For me I couldn't see a huge difference in the front facing ones, but saw a big difference in the side and rear facing ones.  Pretty cool.

I'm linking up to the Vintage Apple's Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday where bloggers link to their posts about their favorite pins.

But I also want to know if you have actually tried something- how did it turn out??  If you have a Pinterest success or disaster please leave a link in the comments section so we can read your story too!

And as always Follow Me on Pinterest so you can see all the fun things I'm pinning and I can follow you and get more inspiration from your pins!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Need your help! What should I bring to cookout??

I am going to a cook-out/dinner thing with a bunch of work friends Wednesday and need to bring something.  What should I make?  Here are a few options from Pinterest.  Vote for what you think I should make or if you have a go-to-knock-your-socks-off-amazing recipe I need to try please let me know!

Option #1- Caramel Apple Cheesecake Dip

Option #2- 2012 Side Dish Smackdown Best Pasta Salad
Source: myrecipes.com via ncsuz on Pinterest

Option #3- the BEST hot corn dip ever (according to the original pinner)

Option #4- Mashed Potato Bacon Cheddar Side Dish

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Books, eBooks, CD Books?

I just posted two reviews on my bookshelf blog:

A Dog's Purpose- 5 out of 5 stars! Loved it!

The Story of Beautiful Girl- 4 out of 5 stars- Beautiful Story!
Right now I am currently reading this for fun:

And listening to this on my daily commute and while driving around town:

And I am reading this one for Bible Study:

That's a lot of books huh?  It's been a while since I listened to one on CD, but I enjoy doing that because my "to-read" list is so long I would never get to them all if I didn't listen to a few.  I've been thinking about listening to books during my runs this winter too, but I am afraid it won't be as upbeat as I need it to be to keep going!  What do you think?  Do you listen to books?

I've also been wanted to give in and get some sort of eReader.  It is between these 3:

Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light- $119

Kindle Paperwhite- $119

iPad or possibly the iPad Mini- ??
Do you guys use an eReader?  Do you like it?  If you have an iPad, do you use it as an eReader too?  Any recommendations are welcome!